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Cinnamon Bread Multi-Grain Bread Salt Rising Bread
Cinnamon BreadMulti-Grain BreadSalt Rising Bread

To start the day off right, you simply must eat our famous Cinnamon Bread.

A truly healthy bread with Sunflower seed, Sesame seed, Flax Seed, Millet, chopped Rye, Bran and Oats to name a few of the ingredients. Great for sandwiches or toasted.

A real treat with a flavor all it's own. Great for toast or Grilled Cheese




Bavarian Rye Bread Dill Bread Jewish Rye Bread
Bavarian Rye BreadDill BreadJewish Rye Bread
A dark hearty Rye bread made with sauerkraut. The #1 choice from our Deli customers. 

A great change of pace bread. Flavored with Sour Cream Cheese and Dill seed to give it unique flavor. One of John’s favorites.

A Deli standard with Caraway Seed and other flavorings to give it a nice tangy taste and of course it’s great with sandwiches.




Plum Bread Sprouted Wheat Bread Wheat Bread
Plum BreadSprouted Wheat BreadWheat Bread

A typical Swiss Christmas delight, but available for you to enjoy year around! A delectable filling consisting of Dried Prunes, Figs, Raisins, Nuts, Orange Peel, Applesauce, Spices and Molasses.

We soak wheat berries for days until they sprout, grind them, and then add them to a wheat based recipe for a real good tasting wholesome bread.

It is just a good all around bread that goes with anything.